(ages 4-12)
This class meets every Sunday Evening with a focus on “Exploring God’s Word”. This class stresses on finding and apply truths from the Bible.
Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” -Proverbs 22:6
This class uses the theme of Explorers: seeking travel, adventure, knowledge, and fun. Sticking with this theme, the class learns from unique lesson series that are specially designed to fit with the theme. Lessons series like Pirate Treasure Map, Traveling Around the World, and Surprises in the Bible help create a fun environment to gain knowledge and to learn from God’s Word.
Explorer’s Club uses a point system to give children an incentive to participate in class. Each Explorer is rewarded points for: Attending class weekly, Memorizing weekly Bible verses, Bringing a Bible to class, Bringing a visitor, Singing during song time, answering questions, and winning games.
Each class time starts with quoting Scripture verses. Each class hour includes time to sing and worship God through song (using a small songbook with short, fun, and a couple original songs), lesson time, and game time. Each lesson includes a story or lesson taken directly from Scripture and applies it to the life of the children in the class. The class if finished with game time, a time where Explorers face of against one another to try to earn points.
All points earned are added to each individual Explorer’s score, and also that Explorer’s team score. There are two teams; that are different for each lesson series. The two teams face off against each other to score more points. The team with more points at the end of the lesson series is rewarded. When an individual Explorer reaches a set score, they are rewarded as well. All score charts are reset at the start of a new lesson series (points earned are recorded and saved).
Twice a year the points earned by Explorers are converted into Bible Bucks: fake money used to buy items such as small toys, candy, coloring and craft items, etc. Bible Bucks are used to purchase items at the Bible Buck Store: a special day in class set aside to allow the children to use the Bible Bucks they have earned.