Sunday Schools:                         

Primary (ages 4-7)

Junior (ages 8-12)                

Teen (Ages 12-18)

Adult (ages 18-up)

Sunday Morning:                         

Junior Church (ages 4-12)

Adult Service (ages 13-up)

Sunday Evening:

Explorer’s Club (ages 4-12)

Adult Service (ages 13-up)

Wednesday Evening:

Explorer’s Club (ages 4-12)

Prayer Meeting/Bible Study (ages 13-up)

Saturday Morning:

Prayer Time (at 9:00am)

Soulwinning/Visitation (at 10:00am)

Bus Route:

Sunday Morning (Before Sunday School)

Sunday Evening (Before Sunday Evening service)


Missionaries to: East Asia, Mexico, Philippines, Native Americans in USA, Haitian people in USA, USA Military, Amish people in USA, Namibia, Venezuela, Arab people in USA, Canary Islands, Guyana, Togo West Africa, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand and Germany

Also supporting: Bible Fellowship of India, First Bible International (Simte People Bible Translation), and West Virginia Right To Life