Independent, Fundamental, Bible-Preaching

First Bible (Poem)

A little boy’s first Bible

Is the greatest thrill he’s known:

There’s a sweet, unique, excitement

In a Bible all his own:

And yet my heart is smitten

As this touching sight I see-

Has his reverence for that Bible

Depended much on me?

As I see him with his Bible,

I bow my head and pray—

May he always love that Bible

The way he does today.

Then I hear a voice within me

Speak in solemn words and true:

How he cherishes that Bible

Will depend a lot on you!

I love my Bible better

Since I’ve seen the learning joy

This wonderful possession

Has afforded to my boy.

May I seek to give mine daily

A devotion he can see

For the love he bears his Bible

Will depend a lot on me.