Message from the Pastor:

‘It is my privilege to welcome you to the website of Calvary Baptist Church of St. Marys, WV. We are an independent, fundamental Baptist church located in the beautiful mid-Ohio valley. I am Pastor Jeremy Leonard, and I pray that you find this website informative as well as a blessing.

I have been in fundamental Baptist churches my whole life, and sad to say, but there is a stigmatism placed upon us as an uncaring, cold group of religious fanatics. That can be the case, as with any group, but that certainly is not true with the members of Calvary Baptist Church. I first came to Calvary in 2013 as a potential candidate for pastor, and I saw on the sign out in front of the building the phrase “The Church With A Heart”. I had seen signs like that before and found them not to be true, but with Calvary, as soon as I met the people, I discovered that this was indeed “The Church With A Heart”, and I felt at home. The atmosphere of this church can be summed up in one word…LOVE. Though we hate sin, we love every sinner, and all who come through the doors to meet together with us are treated as beloved family.

To me this church is a slice of Heaven on Earth. Now, we certainly are not perfect, but in my opinion, this is the greatest local church there is. Don’t just take my word for it though, decide for yourself by visiting with us as we worship and serve God.

I hope to see you at Calvary…’                                      – Pastor Jeremy Leonard

Jim Boughner
Adult Sunday School Teacher
Jim Boughner and his wife Brenda are active members of CBC. Jim has been teaching the Adult Sunday School Class along side Steve Powell.
Steve Powell
Deacon, Song Leader, Adult Sunday School Teacher
Steve Powell has been a member of Calvary Baptist Church for over 15 years. He has lived in the area his whole life, and is familiar with the land and its people. He and his wife, Jennifer, have served at Calvary for several years. Steve Powell has been teaching the Adult Sunday School Class along side Jim Boughner.
Bob Reynolds
Bob Has been a member of Calvary Baptist Church for about 15 years. He and his Wife Patty have served the Lord at CBC for many years.
Jennifer Powell
Sunday School Teacher
Jennifer teaches Calvary's Primary Sunday School class (ages4-7). She has been a children's teacher at Calvary for over 15 years.
Nancy Reynolds
Sunday School Teacher
Nancy teaches the Junior Sunday School class (ages 8-12). She has been a children's teacher at Calvary for several years.
Isaiah Powell
Explorer's Club Leader
Isaiah is the Leader of our Explorer's Club class (ages 4-12) which meets on Sunday and Wednesday Evenings. He has worked with the youth at CBC for 5 years. Isaiah is a graduate of Gulf Coast Bible Institute where he received his Bachelors Degree in Bible Studies.